Dr. Grace Leslie, Director

Current PhD Students:

Ashvala Vinay

Current MSMT Students:

Bryce Irwin

Bryce is a first year MSMT student at Georgia Tech. Bryce’s passions include the wellness, health, and accessibility applications of music, technology, and the intersection between them. In his spare time, Bryce makes theatre, music, and film.

Sophia Mehdizadeh

Sophia is a 2nd year MSMT student at Georgia Tech. Her research interests include psychophysiological correlates of musical preferences, models for musical preference, and individualized experimental design. She is also interested in clinical applications of her work. In her free time, Sophia enjoys playing guitar and DIY projects.
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Alice L. Mentzer


     Alice Mentzer
Graduate Student , Music Technology Ga. Tech, a member of Dr Grace Leslie ‘ Brain Lab group. She has previously focused in Violin, Choral and Composing.
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Timothy Min

Tim Min is a 1st year MSMT student at GT. His interests are based on the undeniable, emotional influence that music is capable of, and hope to utilize this influence to benefit humanity. All his work is based on the idea of Empathy, empathy, and empathy. Tim loves composing, playing guitar, cooking, playing with his dogs, and just enjoying life. If you’re ever bored or feeling down, feel free to reach out to him anytime!

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Current BSMT Students:

Sarah Carson Myers



R. Michael Winters, Ph.D.

Antoine de Meeus, MS

Snehesh Nag, MS

Yuqi Cao, MS

Madhukesh Ayyagari, MS

Jeremy Sparks, MS

Aziz Ege Gonul, MS

Pranav Swaroop, MS


Past Undergraduate Students:

Walter Kopacz
Jacob Ware
Kate Bosen
Adam Gardner
Terrence Graham